Due to our presence and networks around the world we have continued to be challenged on Innovation and advancing our technology.

This drive has become a passion of Kemas and we have gone onto developing and pioneering a number of decoration techniques, along with developing revolutionary new concepts that will, in time, change the face of the Cosmetic Industry. Not only can Kemas introduce you to some of our own new and unique concepts, we can also assist you by offering our manufacturing and engineering expertise to help you realize your own innovations.

  • Our Clients

    Our clients are international & Indonesia local brands

  • Plastic Sleeve Mechanism

    Kemas’s new plastic sleeve design for Lipsticks is not only a testament to our precision molding expertize, it is also a beneficial addition to any new launch.

    After extensive R & D PT Kemas has created a new sleeve which completely mimics the traditional A-shell, produced with Aluminium. To ensure your brands integrity and value is maintained this new design has a rolled top edge that interacts with the mechanism like existing sleeves to date. The key benefits however, include a wider range of decoration possibilities, reduced cost, lead times and inventory. When the sleeve is decorated to the Kemas specification it becomes practically impossible to tell the difference between plastic and aluminium.

  • In Mold Textured Labeling

    In-mold Textured Labeling brings an exciting new transformation to Cosmetic packaging. Developed by Kemas and partners this new technology enables our customers to create the most unique finishes seen in our industry.

    Utilizing our proprietary technology we’re able to create a 3 Dimensional textured finish that follows the contour of the surface where being applied. Amongst the many key attributes this technology has to offer the label or fabric can be wrapped around surfaces and down the sides of the area being covered.

  • Spiderweb Decoration

    Spiderweb is another testament of Kemas’ ability to continually introduce new and exciting decorative effects for your packaging needs.

  • Dew Drop Effect

    Developed in 2008, this still remains one of Kemas’s most unique decoration techniques introduced to market.

  • Crackle Effect

    Crackle effect is exactly as its name indicates ‘CRACKLE’.