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Kemas offers some of the most unique decoration options available in today’s market. It has been a leader in pioneering some of the most innovative styles, incorporating ‘hybrid’ patterns and techniques with a fusion between metallization, spraying and printing.


For customers that prefer to develop their own customized packaging you will have complete access to our design and development team. We will assist you in transforming your packaging or design concept by delivering detailed 2D drawings, 3D renderings or ‘rapid prototype’ modeling. We will help you to realize and confirm the design you want before proceeding with custom tooling development.


All custom tooling is designed in-house to ensure your custom projects launch successfully and on time. This also enables us to provide a complete mold-flow analysis upon request. Kemas has its own ‘fully functional’ in-house tool shop fitted with the latest CNC equipment that can be utilized for single cavities and parts to be made in a timely manner. All stock and custom tools are produced exclusively for Kemas in Taiwan using high quality materials and craftsmanship.