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Kemas manages to make compacts even sleeker

Kemas has released a line of compacts that’s sleeker and easier to use than many other bulkier items. The key to the new compact is its magnetic closure, which eliminates a push-button or snap clasp system, thereby giving the new line a futuristic, attractive, and unbroken silhouette.

Made of sturdy plastic, the compacts are available in a wide array of colours and decoration options thanks to Kemas’s preeminent design facilities. Full metallization is always an option, and the firm is able to deliver a metal analogue in just about every colour imaginable, from standard silver, gold, and chrome to metallic reds, blues, and more.

In a simple rounded, clamshell configuration, the compacts are a fair size with an outer diameter of 77.8mm, and only 16.3mm high, making it a sensible option for clutch purses and weekend bags. The well, which accepts standard godets, is well-sized at 64mm in diameter, and an ample 6.2mm deep, perfect for numerous application solutions.

The magnetic closure provides a strong seal for the compacts so that contained products don’t fall out when on the go. Though strong, the closure system isn’t so tight that it can’t be opened with simple one-handed manipulation.

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